Zoe James Memorial Library

Since 1971, ATHS has been recognized by the trucking industry as the authority for promoting preservation, research, and interpretation of the development of the trucks and trucking industry in the United States, and in some cases, internationally. ATHS is the preeminent central repository focused exclusively on the preservation and research of the American trucking industry’s development, housing the most complete repository of literature, technical manuals, news journals, books, photographs, and historical documents of commercial vehicles in America from inception through the present. Information on current manufacturers and trucking firms, acquisitions and mergers, along with manufacturers and trucking firms no longer in active production are available for historical research, along with research documents written by specific trade experts.

Visit the Library in person to explore the rich resources of one of the world’s most significant trucking industry collections. If you can’t visit in person, you can still take advantage of our online photo gallery and library catalog, which will allow you to access information about the rich collections of the American Truck Historical Society from anywhere in the world.