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Laurence Gration

Laurence Gration

Executive Director and Leader of the Pack.

(816) 777-0933

Lea Ann Reed

Lea Ann Reed

Convention & Truck Show event organizer extraordinaire.

(816) 777-0932

Stormy Wiley

Stormy Wylie

She’s our Editor, and no one beats her style and experience.

(816) 777-0936


Barbara Sloan

THE go-to person for all things Chapters and Divisions and RVPs.

(816) 777-0689

Courtney Cesar

Courtney Cesar

Library Director and keeper of cool trucking treasures.

(816) 777-0924

Jodi Kersten

Jodi Kersten

The goddess of the gift shop.

(816) 891-9900

Dan Tillson

Dan Tilson & Trixie

Solving accounting problems in ways we don’t understand.

(816) 777-0923

Marina Spexarth

Bringing you effective marketing with effective communications.

(816) 891-9900