Services and Programs

e are here to help! We offer many services and programs that allow everyone to personally access the American Truck Historical Society's rich collections. We are happy to help you find the information you need no appointment necessary! If you are visiting the area, you are welcome to drop by and explore original documents, rare books, and other materials of historical interest. The Zoe James Memorial Library offers a variety of services to assist you. Whether you come for a visit or need assistance online, we have services that meet your needs. Please call Courtney Cesar at (816) 777-0924 or email us at and we will be happy to respond to your request as soon as possible. For more information about how we can help you, please check out the variety of services and programs we offer below. 

Research Services

The Zoe James Memorial Library is open to all Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If a visit is not possible, we also offer personal research services.

     ► Indepth ResearchRecognizing that making a visit to the American Truck Historical Society headquarters is not always possible, we also offer research services for off-site clients where our professional staff will search our collection for you. Please fill out the research request form and send it to Courtney Cesar at the ATHS Headquarters. We will then send you an email containing a list of the available information and the applicable duplication fees. You may then decide which items to order. Research requests may take 4-6 weeks to process. Duplication requests are fulfilled via the U.S. Postal Service and electronically (PDF). 

     ► Click HERE for our Research Request Form or click HERE to submit it online.

     ► Research ChargesBecause we are a nonprofit corporation, our archival information and research services must be self-supporting. The following schedule reflects our fees in time and materials to fulfill your request. Please note, the processing fee must accompany the research request form and be in U.S. Dollars. We accept: Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards from everyone requesting research.  U.S. residents may also pay by check or money order written on a U.S. bank and made payable to the American Truck Historical Society Library. For those visiting the Library in person, cash is also accepted.

     ► Click HERE for our Research Fee Schedule.


     ► IMAGES

                    Includes digital reproduction of photographs and documents.

                    Click HERE for additional information and order form.


     ► Black/white or color photocopying is available.

     ► Click HERE for additional information and order form.