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Model Trucks

Presented by Leland Hartman, Classic Truck Modeler Magazine
Presentation on building scale models of the classic trucks. It’s a great hobby for those who love old trucks but don’t have the resources or the room for the real ones.

History of OOIDA and Owner Operators

Presented by Todd Spencer
The history of owner-operators and OOIDA in trucking and the role they have played.

The History of Biodiesel and the Future of Trucking

Presented by Don Scott & Leon Schumacher
Back by popular demand! See the first truck to run on biodiesel in the US and the first to run on soy biodiesel in the world. Leon recounts his experiences from 30 years ago, pioneering the use of a new fuel under research and real work conditions. Hear about the history of diesel fuel and locally produced alternatives and the importance of them in the future of trucks and the trucking industry. They will also cover performance challenges and durability impacts.

Line Haul: Pacific Intermountain Express Growth and Evolution (1949 – 1960)

Presented by Steve Bequette & Delmar Bequette
Fact-based story of a successful early truck line. PIE left behind a rich historical base and PIE veterans remain with us today. The heart of the story will detail a thwarted merger, the acquisition and merger of West Coast Fast Freight, a complete fleet change in 1954, and the community base of employees through the changes.

Harvester Homecoming Fort Wayne: Celebrating the "Heavy Duty Truck Capital of the World"

Presented by Ryan Duvall
The history of truck making in the Indiana city, from its historic beginnings to the production of big trucks and International Scouts. Also, discussion on the end of its era in Fort Wayne and what Harvester Homecoming is doing to help restore that history.

How Do I Properly Insure My Antique Semi-Truck?

Presented by Hagerty Insurance
We know there are many options out there. We know how you treat your antique vehicle, what it means to you, and the lengths you’ll go to protect it. Hagerty Insurance will review the benefits of collector vehicle insurance to help you determine the best coverage for your collector vehicles. As the world’s largest provider of specialty insurance to vintage vehicle enthusiasts, Hagerty will discuss what lengths they are going to support initiatives that help make sure the vehicles we love—and the lifestyles that revolve around them—not only survive, but thrive, well into the future.

Getting the Info: American Truck Historical Society

Presented by Clayton Hoak, Craig Vogel, and Courtney Cesar

Panel discussion on the benefits of ATHS membership and what items you can find in the ATHS Library.

Paintin' Pepe

Presented by Marty Glomb
Back by popular demand! Join Glomb as he talks about the adventures in refinishing his amazing 1955 Kenworth Conventional. Marty will talk about the ups and downs, what to do and not do, and most of all give everyone an insight into the rebirth of his wonderful truck!

Evolution of the W900 Kenworth

Presented by Tony Martin
Details the evolution of the Kenworth W900 from its introduction to the beginning of the W900B in 1982, chronicling the changes and available options.

In the Beginning at Cummins

Presented by Keith Baylor
A review of Clessie Cummins’ pioneering work from single cylinders to pre-war trucks.