Wheels Of Time

ublished by ATHS bimonthly, Wheels of Time , as well as the special annual supplemental publication Show Time, are the premiere publications of the antique trucking world. Show Time is a photo collection of the antique trucks registered at our annual National Antique Truck Show along with articles covering show events and attendees. Haven't seen a copy of either publication? Just click on the respective cover image to see a sample of what you've been missing!

Wheels of Time is filled with articles and photographs of antique trucks, trucking company histories, and personal stories of the truckers who made the industry the driving force it is today. Both publications incorporate full-color images when available.

Each issue also includes letters from readers, a listing of upcoming truck shows and events, headquarters news, new ATHS members, chapter  and Board of Directors directories, and regular columns on restoration tips, ATHS archives, and much more!

We encourage our members to contribute to the magazine, so if you have an idea for a story or wish to submit an article, contact our editor, Stormy Wylie, at stormy@aths.org or by calling (816) 777-0936.

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Missed a issue? Looking for a specific article or topic? A limited number of back issues of Wheels of Time are available for purchase. Available issues from the past five years can be found online in the ATHS store. For older issues of Wheels of Time contact ATHS headquarters for availalbility. Back issues of Show Time are also available in the online store.

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