Display Advertising Opportunities

isplay advertising opportunities are available in Wheels of Time magazine! In addition, your ad will be available online in the ePub version of each magazine issue located in the WOT Archives collection available to all ATHS members.


  January/February ►   November 15
  March/April ►   January 15
  May/June ►   March 15
  July/August ►   May 15


  July 15
  November/December►   September 15


  • Full pre-payment for display ads is due by the deadline date. The press-ready ad or ad elements for creative services must be included with payment.
  • Display repeat ads (3, 4 or 5 issues) receive a 4% discount. Display repeat ads (6 issues) receive a 6% discount.
  • Repeat ads may be paid by issue if credit card information is provided for billing purposes. Invoicing is not available. Click Here for a printer-friendly insertion order form.
  • Please call to confirm availability of specific ad requests such as inside covers or specific page placement.
  Back Cover ►   Placement unavailable $1,200
  Inside Cover ►   Bleed: 8.625" x 11.125"
No Bleed: 7.375" x 9.875"
  Full Page ►   Bleed: 8.625" x 11.125"
No Bleed: 7.375" x 9.875"
  1/2 Page ►   Horz: 7.375"x4.75"
Vert: 3.625"x9.875"
  1/4 Page ►   Vert: 3.625" x 4.75" $300
  1/8 Page ►   Horz: 3.625" x 2.375" $150
  Creative Services ►   Ad creation $100



  Click here for a printer friendly Display Ad Submission Form ►
  • Mail: ATHS, c/o Display Advertising, 10380 N. Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, MO 64153. Include a completed copy of the ad submission from, payment, and ad files.
  • Email: advertising@aths.org (please submit credit card information by phone and not by email). Attach a scan of the ad submission form, the digital ad file, or text and digital images needed for creative service ad design.
  • Questions? Call (816) 777-0999, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., or email advertising@aths.org.