As a successful organization, with a generous track record of helping members where we can, ATHS is occasionally a target of illegal practices and on-line scams. We see this often with people on Back Lot who try and buy or sell trucks through bogus transactions – there is yet another attempt doing the rounds of the internet at the moment, under our name.

There is an email SCAM going on at the moment with ATHS’s name on it. This is not authorized by ATHS and is NOT coming from a legitimate ATHS address.  PLEASE IGNORE and DELETE if you received it.

The Board would welcome you joining us to get the word out that such a scam exists and all members should check carefully before they give money to any campaign – call our office as 816 891 9900, to check that anything with our name on it is part of a legitimate campaign on members’ behalf.


Dear Member,

One of our members is in dire need of the entire American Truck Historical Society help and it will really be appreciated if we all can join hands together and save her baby. A GoFundMe campaign has been created and we are counting on the entire family to come together and help her raise the funds needed. Below is the fundraising campaign, thank you for your support in advance. No amount is too small and any amount donated out of the kindness of your heart will be highly appreciated.



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