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When you join ATHS, you become part of the largest community of truck enthusiasts in the world! Whether you restore antique trucks, collect memorabilia, or just enjoy the history, your ATHS membership gives you access to people in your area and from around the world who share your enthusiasm for trucks, the trucking industry, and its pioneers.

Download this easy list of ATHS Membership Benefits at a Glance. Learn details about the benefits you receive as part of your membership below.

Individual & Joint Membership

Youth $25
Online $39
General $52
Joint $69

Individual "Best Value"

Endowing $400
Annually for 5 years

Life $2,000
One-time payment for life

International Membership

Online $39
Standard Mail $67
Priority Mail $92
Joint Standard Mail $84
Joint Priority Mail $109

Corporate Membership

Original $500
Restored $1,000
Polished $1,500
Diamond Plate $2,000

Please note all prices are per year unless otherwise specified.



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Discounts & Services

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